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    Monday, December 3, 2012

    The list of MS Word Shortcut keys

    If you want to do freelance writing jobs you should know about shortcut keys of MS Word. As a writer you to most idea about shortcut keys.Navigating Microsoft Windows using the keyboard for many commonly performed tasks can dramatically increase your productivity. Also, a situation may arise when the mouse stops functioning or you need to work on a computer without one.  Below is the list of MS Word Shortcut keys

    Shortcut KeysDescription
    CTRL + 0 (zero)Adds or removes 6pts of spacing before a paragraph
    CTRL + ASelects all contents of the page
    CTRL + BMakes highlighted selection Bold
    CTRL + CCopy the selected text
    CTRL + EAligns the line or selected text to the center of the screen
    CTRL + FOpen find box
    CTRL + HOpens Find and Replace box
    CTRL + IItalic highlighted selection
    CTRL + JAligns the selected text or line to justify the screen
    CTRL + KInsert link
    CTRL + LAligns the line or selected text to the left of the screen
    CTRL + MIndent the paragraph
    CTRL + POpen the print window
    CTRL + RAligns the line or selected text to the right of the screen
    CTRL + TCreate a hanging indent
    CTRL + UUnderline highlighted selection
    CTRL + VPaste
    CTRL + XCut selected text
    CTRL + YRedo the last action performed (for example, you can use it to quickly insert rows in a table)
    CTRL + ZUndo last action
    CTRL + SHIFT + LQuickly create a bullet point
    CTRL + SHIFT + FChange the font
    CTRL + SHIFT + >Increases selected font +1pts up to 12pt and then increases font +2pts
    CTRL + ]Increases selected font +1pts
    CTRL + SHIFT + <Decreases selected font -1pts if 12pt or lower, if above 12 decreases font by +2pt
    CTRL + [Decreases selected font -1pts
    CTRL + / + cInserts a cent sign (¢)
    CTRL + ‘ + <char>Inserts a character with an accent (grave)
    mark, where <char> is the character you want. For example, if you
    wanted an accented è you would use CTRL + ‘ + e as
    your shortcut key. To reverse the accent mark use the opposite
    accent mark, often on the tilde key (~)
    CTRL + SHIFT + *View or hide non printing characters
    CTRL + <left arrow>Moves one word to the left
    CTRL + <right arrow>Moves one word to the right
    CTRL + <up arrow>Moves to the beginning of the line or paragraph
    CTRL + <down arrow>Moves to the end of the paragraph
    CTRL + DelDeletes word to right of cursor
    CTRL + BackspaceDeletes word to left of cursor
    CTRL + EndMoves the cursor to the end of the document
    CTRL + HomeMoves the cursor to the beginning of the document
    CTRL + SpacebarReset highlighted text to the default font
    CTRL + 1Single-space lines
    CTRL + 2Double-space lines
    CTRL + 51.5-line spacing
    CTRL + ALT + 1Changes text to heading 1
    CTRL + ALT + 2Changes text to heading 2
    CTRL + ALT + 3Changes text to heading 3
    ALT + CTRL + F2Open new document
    CTRL + F1Open the Task Pane
    CTRL + F2Display the
    print preview
    CTRL + F3Deposit copied data into Spike
    CTRL + SHIFT + >Increases the highlighted text size by one
    CTRL + SHIFT + <Decreases the highlighted text size by one
    CTRL + SHIFT + F6Opens to another open Microsoft Word document
    CTRL + SHIFT + F12Prints the document
    F1Open Help
    F4Repeat the last action performed (Word 2000+)
    F5Open the find, replace, and go to window in Microsoft Word
    F7Spellcheck and grammar check selected text
    or document
    F12Save as
    SHIFT + F3Change the text in Microsoft Word from
    uppercase to lowercase or a capital letter at the beginning of every word
    SHIFT + F5Back to Last Editing Point
    SHIFT + F7Runs a Thesaurus check on the word highlighted
    SHIFT + F12Save
    SHIFT + EnterCreate a soft break instead of a new paragraph
    SHIFT + InsertPaste
    + ALT + D
    Insert the current date
    SHIFT +
    ALT + T
    Insert the current time

    Taday! There you go. These shortcuts may seem difficult at first, but trust me, learning and practicing them will reward you by saving you a lot of time eventually. If you want an easier way to learn these and other useful shortcuts keys.

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