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    Sunday, December 9, 2012

    Few methods to Get a Freelance Writing Job

    Few Steps to Get a Freelance Writing Job

    If you’re reading this, you want two things – to make money, and to make it with your writing. Our mission at Freelance Writing.com is to help you do just that. If you consider yourself to be a writer and want to earn money as one, start with these few steps to get a freelance writing job.


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     Freelance Writer for  Parenting Site

    Other few methods for freelance writing job

    1. freelance writing specialty

    The best way to get paid for writing is to know a lot about something and to have the ability to tell people about it that means communicate with others about your writing skill. For example, we know a part-time freelancer who made a lot one year. He almost stumbled into it, coming across an ad requesting articles in a trade magazine while at his previous job. Well, the magazine specifically addressed  trade and was an expert, so he sat down, wrote a highly informed piece, and a few weeks later he was published.

    2.  By writing something fresh

    So you’ve found your specialty, and now you’ve found a site or a newspaper or some kind of publisher where you think your potential piece will fit. Before you fire off a query, however, figure out if they even need it. You need to ask, “have they done this before?”

    3. Make sure what you’re writing is appropriate

    Again, before you send your query off, you need to ask yourself whether it’s appropriate for the publisher and their audience. Perhaps you’re thinking of sending that query to Game spot about racing games, but you find yourself thinking more about specific cars. Consider that it might be better to write for an automotive website instead. Also, you need to make sure what you’re writing is neither too specific, nor too general for the publisher and the audience.

    4. Previous writing experience

    Redundant it may be, but being able to cite previous freelance work will help you greatly in trying to get published, especially for landing paid projects. Publishers prefer to know they’re not the first to make a gamble on a writer, and as such, writers with experience are more likely to get hired. This unfortunately poses a problem if you haven’t produced published work before. Where should you start?

    5 . Marketing yourself

    If you’re serious about making a go of a freelance writing career, you need to make sure you have a strong online presence. First, start a blog and make a habit of publishing good content regularly. Next, up your social media game – obviously Twitter and Facebook, but LinkedIn will be critical for potential employers.

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