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    Tuesday, December 11, 2012

    Tutorial For keep your labels visible

    To keep labels visible freeze or not to freeze

    In this tutorial you can keep any row and column right the top of your screen.This kinds of writing jobs are  very easy for freelanc If you are working on a large spreadsheet where all the rows and columns of data don’t fit on the screen, it would be helpful to be able to keep the heading rows and columns stationary so you can scroll through the data. This day a large number of freelancer earn by doing data entry work. Generally this kinds of works you have to need in a spreadsheet.
    You can freeze rows and columns in your spreadsheet. To do so, select the cell above which and to the left of which you want to freeze the columns and rows. Click View then Freeze Panes.


    With new Excel capacity to hold a million rows and numerous columns with numbers, it is easy to lose the connection between the value . This is one of the reasons Excel keeps the commonsense "Freeze" feature for you. It allows you to keep track of the data you are looking at without having to scroll back and forth to see the column or row labels.
    So, what's the button to click, and what are the pitfalls? Step number one is to look at your data and see if you need to lock just one row with the labels, several top rows, or columns.

    If you have a usual table with one header row, the steps are very easy:

    1. Scroll to the top and make sure you see the row with the labels. Otherwise you'll quickly notice one peculiarity - this option does exactly what it promises, it freezes the top visible row.
    2. Open the View tab in Excel and find the Freeze Panes option in the Window group.
    3. Click on the little arrow next to it to see all the options, and choose to Freeze Top Row (or to freeze the first column, depending on the way your data are organized).                                                          
    I thing this tutorial will help you for freelance writing jobs works.